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Memories are forever

Children grow up so fast, and in the end all we have left are the memories (and sometimes broken treasures) of our children growing up!

Photographs are the ideal way to preserve that memories - I have seen grandparents going through their albums, fondly remembering every photo and every moment - magic!

Karel and Catharina Fourie are offering an opportunity to your school to make memories, helping parents to enjoy the moments in time that will past so quickly, and in the same time get some welcome extra funds for your school by using our 6 step process!

The old favourite:  SCHOOL PHOTOS!

Basic package that every participating parent will receive is a basic set of photos on a single size (approximately) 305 x 203 mm page, plus a 203 x 305 mm enlargement. Cost:  $35.00 + GST per child.

Basic Collage outlay

20% goes to school
as fundraiser!!

Download our Pre-school presentation - click button!


Sibling Groups

Siblings can be photographed together on the scheduled day at school.  Parents can select to pair siblings for a photo, and this will be supplied as a separate basic set as described on page 2 at an additional cost of $35.00 plus GST per set.

Family Groups

Family group photos will be scheduled on a weekend to suit parents. Appointments to be organised by the school, with a minimum of 5 groups per day.    The photo will be printed as a single set of photos on a single size 305 x 203 mm page, plus an enlargement of 203 x 305 mm of their favourite photo.  Basic Cost:  $35.00 + GST per family.


Events at School

Raise funds by adding a photo shoot at your next fundraiser event - parties, discos, father / mother day etc.  We will set up a small studio, take photos as the kids arrive, and during the event.  Follow the 6 easy steps to organise!  Basic Cost:  $100 + GST set up.

Parents select and pay for prints / enlargements - 20% goes back to your School.

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