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We want you to have fun and enjoy your experience with us, from booking to the fun in studio. To do so, we have an easy 6 step approach to follow. See below for Pre-School or Studio / On-Site booking.  Easy as!

Pre - School Fundraisers

1.  The schools books a date by phone or email, and we do a personal or phone meeting to plan the shoot prior to the big day. We will supply material for the school to use.

2.  The School motivates parents to participate - after all it is a fundraiser! Participating parents pay for the basic set at the set fee, and add optional extra prints or enlargements. We supply envelopes for this purpose, as well as a price list and booking form.

3.  The school deduct 20% of this payment as fundraiser funds.

4.  On the big day, we set up a small studio in your school and with the help of teachers, take a set of photos of each participating child or sibling groups. we also take group photos as discussed during our pre-shoot brief. See the Pre-School Fundraiser page for more detail.

5.  The School pays Karel Fourie Photography.

6.  We get the photos and optional extras printed as per received orders, and deliver the photos, including a free group enlargement for the school in about 10 working days.

BOOK NOW - 027 557 7228 - don not miss the opportunity to get easy funds for your school!

On-Site Shoots

1.  Book a pre-shoot personal meeting of about 30 minutes to discuss time, date and detail requirements of your shoot. A non-refundable deposit of $90.00 + GST must be paid when the meeting is booked. This will be deducted from your final cost.

2.  At the scheduled day, allow for about 30 minutes set-up if on site. We shoot at a relaxes pace, with various posed and outfits as discussed at meeting.  If time permits, we will spent 15 minutes viewing the images together to ensure we have what you want.

3.  The images with watermark will be uploaded to drop box for you to view at your own leisure, or we can have a personal viewing. You select the images you want according to your selected package.

4.  We will do the post production work on your selection, and remove the watermark.

We issue the final invoice for payment when the items are ready.

5.  When payment has been received, I upload your final Jpeg images for you to download, and get the artwork printed. This could take up to two weeks, depending on what media you selected. (Please note we don not do framing, that must be organised by yourself. We can get blocks or canvas printing done.)

6.  When done, we will courier the artwork by tracked NZ Post, or you can collect at the studio - all you now have to do is enjoy your artwork.

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