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I started taking photos when in primary school, using a plastic replica of a Yashica, and then moving on to a Kodak Instamatic 104. 

In High School I got hold of a Russian Zenit 35mm, and the luxury of a 135mm manual lens, taking photos at rugby and athletic meetings. I moved on since then, but photography was always part of my life, and by sharing my photo's with you, you will be part of it as well!

Working from home, I developed a moveable studio during the Covid 19 lock down, and now can do portrait photos in the studio.  Set up in your favourite room or spot.

We will also concentrate on pre-school on-site photos, and offers a great fundraiser opportunity to pre-schools in our area.

Remember - Photos capture memories, and memories are treasures! Find your treasure with us!

Karel Fourie

To Tanya and Bartek: Thanks Guys for letting me use your memories on my web!

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